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R.K. Turner (DLG/CG-20)

Medals & Ribbons

The awards shown are as listed by OPNAV INST 1650 along with awards we have been able to document. We are still gathering data so this is not a complete listing.
* For additions and/or corrections send an e-mail and we will make the changes.



AF Expeditionary Medal
Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal

    23-OCT-1983 21-NOV-1983 Grenada
    16-NOV-1983 03-DEC-1983 Lebanon
    10-DEC-1983 07-JAN-1984 Lebanon
    20-FEB-1984 22-FEB-1984 Lebanon
    25-FEB-1984 28-FEB-1984 Lebanon
    18-OCT-1987 24-FEB-1988 Persian Gulf
    18-OCT-1987 24-FEB-1988 Persian Gulf

Combat Action Ribbon
Combat Action Ribbon

    19-FEB-1991 24-FEB-1991

Navy Expeditionary Medal
Navy Expeditionary Service Medal

    30-NOV-1983 16-NOV-1984 Lebanon
    20-JAN-1986 29-MAR-1986 Libya

AF Service Medal
Armed Forces Service Medal

    28-MAR-1993* 31-MAR-1993 Bosnia
    25-JUN-1993* 28-JUL-1993 Bosnia
    *One award for multiple dates

Joint Meritorious Unit Award
Joint Meritorious Unit Award

    05-APR-1991 16-JUL-1991

Meritorius Unit Commendation
Meritorious Unit Commendation

    12-SEP-1978 22-OCT-1978
    01-JAN-1994 31-MAR-1995

Battle E
Navy "E" Ribbon

    01-OCT-1980 30-SEP-1981
    01-OCT-1981 30-SEP-1982
    01-OCT-1989 31-DEC-1991
    01-JAN-1992 31-DEC-1992
    01-JAN-1994 31-DEC-1994

Navy Unit Commendation
Navy Unit Commendation

    20-OCT-1983 03-MAR-1984
    23-MAR-1986 29-MAR-1986
    17-JAN-1991 07-FEB-1991

Southwest Asia
Southwest Asia Service Medal

    14-JAN-1991 20-APR-1991

AF Expeditionary Medal
Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal

    24-JUN-1965 03-JUL-1965 Vietnam
    10-MAR-1970 05-APR-1970 Korea – So the INST says
    28-APR-1970 09-MAY-1970 Korea – So the INST says
    25-MAY-1970 15-JUN-1970 Korea – So the INST says

Vietnam Service Medal

    07-JUL-1965 09-AUG-1965
    25-AUG-1965 21-SEP-1965
    15-OCT-1965 09-NOV-1965
    12-NOV-1966 21-NOV-1966
    03-DEC-1966 08-JAN-1967
    05-FEB-1967 06-MAR-1967
    06-JUL-1968 02-AUG-1968
    18-AUG-1968 23-AUG-1968
    02-SEP-1968 09-OCT-1968
    28-OCT-1968 16-NOV-1968
    26-JUN-1970 15-JUL-1970

Campaign Medals/Ribbons

Operation Desert Storm
Operation Desert Storm

Operation Desert Storm
Operation Desert Storm

Miscellaneous Medals/Ribbons

Humanitarian Service Medal

National Defense
National Defense

Sea Service
Sea Service

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