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USS Richmond K. Turner DLG/CG-20 Association Membership form.

The USS Richmond K. Turner Association was formed to promote friendship and comradship between all those who served on board over the life span of the ship.

Advantages include invitations to all reunions, reduced reunion registration for you and your guest, and access to our newsletter (in the planning stage). In the future, there will be other advantages as we continue to grow.

The dues will cover January to January.

The information we require for you to join the association is:



City, State, Zip:


E-Mail Address:

Dues: (Choose one)

One Year for $15.00
Two Years for $30.00
Three Years for $45.00

Please make check out to USS Richmond K. Turner Association and mail to John Weaver, 6700 Maxwell Dr Hughesville, MD 20637. Membership is valid upon receipt of dues.



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