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Where do you want the 2017 reunion?

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Where (and when) do want the next reunion?

There has been some discussion as to where the next reunion should be. At our recent reunion in Seattle, WA, we discussed a number of locations for 2017. Charleston, Norfolk, and Jacksonville received the most responses. However, there are more locations on the eastern portion of the United States that would welcome our reunion.

What we need is an input from all of you indicating your preference for where and when (time of year).

Suggestions will be taken until approximately the spring of 2016. The decision will be made soon thereafter. We need more than a year to put the reunion together.

There are some requirements that should be taken into consideration:

  • Transportation. How hard is it to get in, out, and around.
  • Hotel facilities. Large rooms for the hospitality, meeting, and banquet.
  • Hotel cost. It is imperative the hotel cost be kept no higher than what we paid at previous reunions This is one consideration that will affect the most attendees
  • Restaurant.in the Hotel
  • Entertainment
  • Activities. A least 4 or 5 in the area that provides discounts.
  • Pool
  • Free Parking
  • Golf Courses (That's just for Phil)

Think about this and get your suggestions to Eric Miller. He will put everything together and present the areas under consideration to the Board of Directors, who will then make a decision. Please be sure to include the reasons for your suggestions.

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